Fine Swing Mate – The perfectly hit golf ball and best golf swing

Our first experience with a golf club and ball normally occurs at the putt-putt miniature golf course. As youngsters, the ball doesn’t exactly go where you want it to and it really isn’t that important if it does. I have chased down balls that children have hit halfway across the putt-putt lot using swings that would impress Alex Rodriguez. We credit the kids with a score of three or four strokes when it actually took them about 12 to get that small ball into the targeted hole. A seed is planted in us when we are small and sometimes develops to the point that we find ourselves as adults on beautiful sunny days admiring the finely trimmed grass, lovely ponds and spectacular trees at a fine professional golf course.

Head Down – Feet Apart

As is the case with most of the treasures found on this website, the more special and rare they are, the more desirable and finer they become. I will bet that Mr. Rodriguez gets a certain feeling in his gut when he makes perfect contact with the baseball and sends it sailing over the fence. It’s the same feeling we get when the perfect tee shot flies straight as an arrow down the fairway or the perfect chip shot rolls onto the green four feet from the cup.

The pinnacle of the perfectly hit golf ball is of course the hole-in-one. There is no better definition of “perfect” then to ace a hole with merely one swing of the club. For those of us who have accomplished this feat, we possess a finer slice of life that we will never give up, and certainly will never be taken away from us. The feeling of generating the perfect swing on a golf course is in my book one of the finest things in life.

Eyes on the Ball

You can get all the tips and instruction you want from a multitude of sources, but it takes time and patience to perfect your golf game. You may never get to the level you desire, but every now and then you will be blessed with the feeling that comes with the perfect swing. Your quest can be made easier with the best set of clubs and the most forgiving set of balls. Both can make achieving this finer thing much easier and enjoyable.

Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid – Tired of practicing your swing for weeks on end with nothing to show for it? Turn to the Swingyde golf training aid, which helps you achieve greater distance and accuracy each time you step on the course.


Callaway Golf Warbird Plus Golf Balls (12-Pack) - Callaway’s new Warbird Plus golf ball has replaced traditional dimples in favor of patented HEX Aerodynamics. With the addition of a high-powered core, it becomes the longest Warbird the company’s ever made, and a durable Ionomer cover provides long-lasting playability while helping increase the deep distance this ball consistently delivers.


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Godiva Truffles – A finer rolled ball of yum

Many of the finer things in life are manufactured especially to satisfy our taste buds. Some of the descriptive terms that come to mind are indulge, pamper, coddle and gratify. One of the top choices on most folks list of comfort foods, and a choice that is filled with loads of tasty delight is chocolate. Chocolate factories are located throughout the world and there is no argument to the fact that some other countries, besides the United States, are known for their fine chocolates. Belgium is one of those locations and is the original home of one of our finer slices of life, Godiva Chocolatier. Godiva offers many varieties, shapes and flavors of chocolates to satisfy any craving. The main object of our affection on this page however, is their truffles.

Melt In Your Mouth Greatness

Godiva truffles are absolutely delectable and a top quality product by any standard. If you have never experienced this treat, you must find a way to do so. As you read this list of truffle selections, you may be overcome by a profound desire to drive to a Godiva retail store, or jump online to order the Godiva Chocolatier Signature Assorted Gift Box. Their flavors include Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Éclair, Chocolate Lava Cake, Crème Brulee, Birthday Cake, Cookie Dough, and Pineapple Hummingbird. The names alone are yummy enough to get your juices flowing. Godiva’s truffle assortments are available in many different sizes to suit your needs. You can spoil yourself, or please and make someone else happy with a special truffle gift for her or gift for him.

Don’t Deny the Temptation

The ultimate experience is to visit an actual Godiva retail store and browse the showcases. They have locations in many malls and hopefully there is one near you. You will have the ability there to see and choose from the more than 50 different varieties of truffles. Keep in mind that the decision is not too easy as they are all so tempting. If you do not have a store near you, shopping from your computer will still be satisfying. Our selections for the finer things in life normally can last a lifetime. Godiva truffles however, are an exception and may not last one night. Enjoy the finer slice of life.

Godiva Chocolatier Chocolate Truffle Assortment (8 pc.)




Godiva Chocolate Truffle, 12-Ounce (Pack of 2)

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Enjoy the Fine Day – Play hooky on the perfect day

We all hope and pray for pleasant weather on our summer vacations and weekend getaways. If lucky enough, we do receive lots of sun and warm temperatures for our trip. Do we ever wish the same good fortune for a common workday? More than likely we don’t, the weather has no impact on us while sitting at a desk in the office. Each time that summer and winter depart, there is an in between timeframe of some nice weather that goes wasted because we have jobs.

Off-Season Stress Breaks

The likelihood of a “perfect” weather day actually increases in my book, during that span of time between the major seasons. ‘Tween seasons can provide ideal temperatures, low humidity with partly cloudy skies and a nice breeze that you can enjoy all day, without breaking a sweat or shivering. Why spend a perfect weather day at work when you can claim a hooky day and enjoy the beautiful outdoors? Instead of praying for good weather on its terms, turn the tables and let the good weather come to you. One part of enjoying the finer slice of life includes knowing when to be the “house”, and when to be the “player”.

Be Smooth – But Aware of Overkill

If your attendance record at work is already blemished, you might want to leave this page and check out another one, like Weber grills or Dyson vacuums. If you do opt for the hooky route, please don’t call your boss and say the Finer Slice of Life website told you to call out. Thanks.

The guiding principle is very clear here. Take control of situations that you can control. Don’t let other factors and situations such as the weather dictate your happiness and access to the finer things in life.

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A Finer Photograph – Canon Powershot s95 Compact Digital Camera

We talk a lot on this website about products and possessions that are made to last a lifetime and how important that is. Surrounding ourselves with top quality items that display fine workmanship and a finer beauty designed to be treasured for decades to come. This is easy to achieve when dealing with material things. Close examination, the brand and the price will determine if a product fits the bill as a top quality piece that can grace the finer slice of life home.

One of our most treasured possessions however, happens to be our memories. As our children and our families grow, each holiday celebration, vacation and birthday needs to be documented in order to ensure that even our memories last a lifetime. Modern technology opens doors and allows us to capture these events in stunning high definition quality with photographs and videos. There are many choices on the camera market and a myriad of features to select from, but our choice for a top quality versatile camera is the Canon PowerShot S95.

The Picture Is Clear

Capture all of your precious moments with this excellent camera. The Canon PowerShot S95 has all of the basic features you need. With its 10.0 megapixel censor along with the patented DIGIC-4 processor, high quality photographs are practically guaranteed. You can even film 720p HD videos with stereo sound and instantly play them back on a HDTV using the HDMI output or save to a disk, flash drive or computer and enjoy over and over. You can also purchase memory cards to store files inside the camera itself. The 3.8x zoom feature and the Hybrid IS system, which compensates for camera or subject movement, make the S95 by Canon an easy selection as a finer thing in life.

Memory Insurance Policy

Minutes, days, months and years fly by so quickly. Don’t let them be forgotten. Take action and make sure the most important times in your life are preserved for future remembrance. Looking at pictures or watching videos with your adult children, dating back to when they were small, fills them with delightful thoughts of their care-free and happy past. We all need to travel from time to time to the moments that were cherished then, and can be cherished again whenever we want. This is indeed a finer slice of life.


Canon PowerShot s95 – The ultra-slim, ultra-intelligent S95 is loaded with all a serious photographer’s must-haves



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Lobster Delight – NYC’s Best Lobster Roll from Ed’s Lobster Bar

As you wander through the sections of our website, you have no doubt noticed that there are quite a few pages devoted to the finer slices of New York City. Our preferences are not only driven by the fact that we do live in The Big Apple, they are also aimed toward other city residents that haven’t yet scoured every sidewalk of every borough. You can add to them the millions of NYC visitors that pass through town each and every year. You might be reading this website in Kansas and have an upcoming business trip to New York planned. We just provided some finer slice additions to your itinerary and perhaps some fine memories that could last a lifetime.

Finest Lobster Roll You Will Ever Taste

In other pages scented with a NYC flavor, we have discussed Peter Lugers Steakhouse, the cookies at LeVain Bakery, and the bath products at Sabon NYC. Just around the corner in SoHo, and a New York minute away from Sabon, sits Ed’s Lobster Bar. The oceanic décor will lead you to believe that you just walked into a seaside restaurant in Cape Cod. You will admire the casual and beach-like atmosphere as you decide between dining at a table, or at the bar.

The friendly staff is charming and attentive to your desires. Take our word for it. The lobster roll should be one of your desires. Served on a buttered roll with fries (or salad) and Ed’s famous pickles, this meaty delicacy is something that you don’t want to miss. Giant lumps of fresh lobster filling the roll to the point that you might need a fork to start the process, before you can actually pick it up like a sandwich. Ed’s lobster roll ranks high on the list of the finer things in a Big Apple life.

Tell Them the Finer Slice of Life Sent You

There is more on the menu of course including lobster corn soup with potatoes, lobster pot pie, an excellent lobster burger and lobster or New England clam chowder. Regardless if you live in another part of the city, or are just visiting New York, you must make plans to enjoy a meal at Ed’s Lobster Bar on Lafayette Street in SoHo just as my brother Mike did on his recent visit to the Big City.

Stop by our “suggest” page and tell us your favorite lobster restaurant.

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