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It’s a Holiday – Get back to sleep, today is a fine no-work day

I am sure that this finer slice of life has happened to all of us. You wake up at your normal workday time, rub your eyes and stretch, throw your legs over the edge of the bed allowing your feet … Continue reading

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A finer paper towel brand review – the finer feel of Viva paper towels

You probably didn’t even notice the two choices at the very bottom of your election ballot. After you passed the presidential nominees, Senators, Governors and Congressmen, there it was. We were asked to vote for Viva or Bounty. Forget the … Continue reading

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Fine style – The perfect old-school barbershop with a new world feel

There was a time in this country when you could find in many blocks of every city the familiar, spinning, red and white stripes of the tubular-shaped fixture in front of a good old fashioned barbershop. Receiving a haircut and … Continue reading

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A Fine Set of Shoes – Allen Edmonds mens formal shoes

Top quality apparel at the workplace is a must for the finer slice male. Style and sophistication are very important factors that set one man apart from the others. The proper attire will gain respect and help to close deals … Continue reading

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Finer Fish – Sampling Russian Caviar

As you browse the pages of this website you will see that some of the best food items to ever cross your taste buds can be found in New York City. We have taken you to Peter Luger’s Steakhouse and … Continue reading

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