It’s a Holiday – Get back to sleep, today is a fine no-work day

I am sure that this finer slice of life has happened to all of us. You wake up at your normal workday time, rub your eyes and stretch, throw your legs over the edge of the bed allowing your feet to contact the floor and then stop cold. The realization enters your awakening mind that today is a holiday. Some of us have even made it through the showering stage before it hits us. No matter when the epiphany strikes, the feeling of climbing back into bed, hugging the pillow and departing back to dreamland is by far one of the finer things in life. Escaping the hustle and bustle of the average work commute and the daily grind is the equivalent of a birthday and Christmas present rolled into one. Enjoy your gift and crawl back between the sheets with a huge smile on your face. One of the finer things in life is simple freedom.

A Slice within a Slice

Let’s make this a two-for-one page. Another finer slice of life was enacted by congress in June of 1968. It provided the yearly observances of certain federal holidays on Mondays. It allows family and friends that are separated by distance the opportunity to travel and celebrate the observance together. It also provides time for pilgrimages to historical sites connected with the holiday. Regardless of the reasoning, we all would rather have a three day weekend to enjoy, as opposed to having one day off in the middle of a work week. Waking up and realizing you have the day off and Monday holidays in general are both finer things in life.

Don’t Stay in Bed the Whole Day

Sure, the first course of action when it hits you that it’s a holiday is to go back to sleep. But don’t waste the entire day. Get up after a couple of extra hours of sleep, grab the kids and the dog and go to a park. Maybe throw the golf clubs in the car and shoot nine holes. Jog or ride bicycles. Find a way to enjoy this gift of time and spend it with loved ones. Also make sure that you include the observance, whether it is honoring veterans, remembering those who lost their lives for our freedom or giving thanks for what surrounds and fills our lives.


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