Fine style – The perfect old-school barbershop with a new world feel

There was a time in this country when you could find in many blocks of every city the familiar, spinning, red and white stripes of the tubular-shaped fixture in front of a good old fashioned barbershop. Receiving a haircut and perhaps a shave back then wasn’t something that was rushed and impersonal. These days the old barbershop landscape has been replaced by corporation managed shops like Hair Cuttery and Great Clips. The majority of us rush in and out of these shops without even catching the name of our stylist. Sometimes the finest things in life are the most plain and simplest experiences, rooted from forgotten years gone by. Enjoying a haircut, shave and the laid-back camaraderie at an old- world style barbershop, easily makes our list of the finer slices of life.

Discussions Welcome

Yes, any topic of discussion is allowed at the barbershop as long as it can be tied somehow to sports. Living in New York offers advantages not found everywhere in the U.S. and many pages on this website refer to Big Apple establishments. If you live in the metropolis or are just visiting, make sure you swing by the West Village and find Geno’s Barberia on Greenwich Avenue. Here you will uncover a clash of old-world style with a modern flair. Just tell one of the skilled barbers how you want your cut, relax in an oversized, recliner type barber chair and join in the spirited conversation with your fellow males as you all enjoy bonding time that is too rare these days.

Did We Mention the Hot Shave Cream?

There is nothing more soothing than that hot lather on your face and neck. This process is part of the total experience of the barbershop. You can also find the Art of Shaving page on this website for achieving the finest shaving experience possible in your own bathroom.

We Apologize Ladies

This finer slice happens to be for us guys. We do however encourage any of our female fans to click on the “Suggest” page and tell us about your favorite beauty shop or hair salon. We would love to hear from you. Also if you are looking for a great gift for him, perhaps do some research and find your special male an old school barbershop near him. Give him a finer slice of life experience.

If you venture into Geno’s, please tell them James sent you.  I personally have NJ cut my hair but any of the top tier barbers will suit your needs.

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