A finer paper towel brand review – the finer feel of Viva paper towels

You probably didn’t even notice the two choices at the very bottom of your election ballot. After you passed the presidential nominees, Senators, Governors and Congressmen, there it was. We were asked to vote for Viva or Bounty. Forget the budget, foreign policy and unemployment. We all just want to know which brand is the best paper towel on the planet. Alright, it wasn’t really on the ballot but when dealing with the finest, top quality products available, paper towels should not be excluded. Using our own personal experience and the powers vested in us to uncover the finest things in life, this website proudly salutes Viva and welcomes the paper towel brand to our list of the finest, first class products available.

People Who Live in Glass Houses Use Viva

On this website we have explored the finest, most luxurious cotton bath towels available. The absolute best products to wrap yourself in as you exit the shower. While Viva paper towels are neither made from cotton nor luxurious, the bottom line is that they get the job done like no other brand on the market. Strong and absorbent-even when wet is a marketing motto that Viva lives up to. How many paper towel brands do you know of that allow you to use them once, let dry and use them again? There is something about the amount of fibers in the manufacturing of these towels that make this possible. I guess it could be compared to the thread count of fine bed sheets which we have also covered on this website. Viva is the best paper towel you can purchase and stands up to any mess you throw at it.

Viva should be Called Paper Cloths

The softness of Viva does feel more like cloth than paper but don’t let the softness fool you. They are as tough as they are soft. Admittedly, this product doesn’t fall under our usual guidelines of the finest jewelry, furniture, clothing, etc. But we do feel that it warrants a mention and a page on this website. It does fit the bill as a product that performs better and lasts longer than a cheaper bargain brand. If you haven’t tried Viva then do an experiment. Next time try Viva instead of the generic alternative and experience the difference for yourself.

Viva Giant Roll Paper Towels 12 Count (Pack of 2) – Strong and absorbent, clean and simple, classic VIVA white paper towels.



Viva Regular Roll Paper Towels 6 Count – If your hesitant to make a large commitment, give this smaller pack a try.

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