A Fine Set of Shoes – Allen Edmonds mens formal shoes

Top quality apparel at the workplace is a must for the finer slice male. Style and sophistication are very important factors that set one man apart from the others. The proper attire will gain respect and help to close deals or achieve positive results in any business venture. Adequate footwear cannot be ignored. In the quest to keep your wardrobe at its peak, why would anyone settle for less? We have all heard the saying: “shoes make the man” and another that states that ladies judge a man by the shoes he wears. Both statements are accurate and in the past we have all made the mistake of sacrificing quality for cost. Shoes are not a good place to make a bad decision.

A Finer Step for the Finer Male

One of the best pieces of advice that I ever took to heart was having a look at the quality shoes made by Allen Edmonds. In particular, I am very pleased with Allen Edmonds Men’s Kenilworth Lace-Up. The excellent reviews echo my feelings and put this first class footwear on our list of the finer things in life. Allen Edmonds offers the finest American made quality shoes you can find on the market. The leather is top quality and the designs are timeless, yet modern. We always stress the importance of purchasing products that will last a very long time, if not a lifetime. Couple the Allen Edmonds shoes, with the care package described on our page about locating a fine Cobbler, and you are well on your way in discovering the advantages that go along with purchasing finer products.

Walk that Walk and Talk that Talk

Shoe stores in malls and big-box stores offer convenience to the general public. A main problem there however, is that it literally doesn’t fit. Have you noticed that they must think we all have the same width feet? If you shop at these stores, what you grab off of the shelf normally only states the size by length. The selections from Allen Edmonds are generally available in width sizes from A to EEE. The width is just as important as the length in achieving a comfortable and healthy fit. Don’t ignore quality even when it comes to footwear. Enjoy a finer slice of life in a finer pair of shoes.

Allen Edmonds Men’s Kenilworth Lace-Up - A shoe that is at once aesthetically pleasing while also being inherently straightforward. Impressive in its stunning lack of adornment, this three-eyelet plain-toe blucher with a single oak leather sole is the essence of refinement.

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