Lobster Delight – NYC’s Best Lobster Roll from Ed’s Lobster Bar

As you wander through the sections of our website, you have no doubt noticed that there are quite a few pages devoted to the finer slices of New York City. Our preferences are not only driven by the fact that we do live in The Big Apple, they are also aimed toward other city residents that haven’t yet scoured every sidewalk of every borough. You can add to them the millions of NYC visitors that pass through town each and every year. You might be reading this website in Kansas and have an upcoming business trip to New York planned. We just provided some finer slice additions to your itinerary and perhaps some fine memories that could last a lifetime.

Finest Lobster Roll You Will Ever Taste

In other pages scented with a NYC flavor, we have discussed Peter Lugers Steakhouse, the cookies at LeVain Bakery, and the bath products at Sabon NYC. Just around the corner in SoHo, and a New York minute away from Sabon, sits Ed’s Lobster Bar. The oceanic décor will lead you to believe that you just walked into a seaside restaurant in Cape Cod. You will admire the casual and beach-like atmosphere as you decide between dining at a table, or at the bar.

The friendly staff is charming and attentive to your desires. Take our word for it. The lobster roll should be one of your desires. Served on a buttered roll with fries (or salad) and Ed’s famous pickles, this meaty delicacy is something that you don’t want to miss. Giant lumps of fresh lobster filling the roll to the point that you might need a fork to start the process, before you can actually pick it up like a sandwich. Ed’s lobster roll ranks high on the list of the finer things in a Big Apple life.

Tell Them the Finer Slice of Life Sent You

There is more on the menu of course including lobster corn soup with potatoes, lobster pot pie, an excellent lobster burger and lobster or New England clam chowder. Regardless if you live in another part of the city, or are just visiting New York, you must make plans to enjoy a meal at Ed’s Lobster Bar on Lafayette Street in SoHo just as my brother Mike did on his recent visit to the Big City.

Stop by our “suggest” page and tell us your favorite lobster restaurant.

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