Enjoy the Fine Day – Play hooky on the perfect day

We all hope and pray for pleasant weather on our summer vacations and weekend getaways. If lucky enough, we do receive lots of sun and warm temperatures for our trip. Do we ever wish the same good fortune for a common workday? More than likely we don’t, the weather has no impact on us while sitting at a desk in the office. Each time that summer and winter depart, there is an in between timeframe of some nice weather that goes wasted because we have jobs.

Off-Season Stress Breaks

The likelihood of a “perfect” weather day actually increases in my book, during that span of time between the major seasons. ‘Tween seasons can provide ideal temperatures, low humidity with partly cloudy skies and a nice breeze that you can enjoy all day, without breaking a sweat or shivering. Why spend a perfect weather day at work when you can claim a hooky day and enjoy the beautiful outdoors? Instead of praying for good weather on its terms, turn the tables and let the good weather come to you. One part of enjoying the finer slice of life includes knowing when to be the “house”, and when to be the “player”.

Be Smooth – But Aware of Overkill

If your attendance record at work is already blemished, you might want to leave this page and check out another one, like Weber grills or Dyson vacuums. If you do opt for the hooky route, please don’t call your boss and say the Finer Slice of Life website told you to call out. Thanks.

The guiding principle is very clear here. Take control of situations that you can control. Don’t let other factors and situations such as the weather dictate your happiness and access to the finer things in life.

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