A Finer Photograph – Canon Powershot s95 Compact Digital Camera

We talk a lot on this website about products and possessions that are made to last a lifetime and how important that is. Surrounding ourselves with top quality items that display fine workmanship and a finer beauty designed to be treasured for decades to come. This is easy to achieve when dealing with material things. Close examination, the brand and the price will determine if a product fits the bill as a top quality piece that can grace the finer slice of life home.

One of our most treasured possessions however, happens to be our memories. As our children and our families grow, each holiday celebration, vacation and birthday needs to be documented in order to ensure that even our memories last a lifetime. Modern technology opens doors and allows us to capture these events in stunning high definition quality with photographs and videos. There are many choices on the camera market and a myriad of features to select from, but our choice for a top quality versatile camera is the Canon PowerShot S95.

The Picture Is Clear

Capture all of your precious moments with this excellent camera. The Canon PowerShot S95 has all of the basic features you need. With its 10.0 megapixel censor along with the patented DIGIC-4 processor, high quality photographs are practically guaranteed. You can even film 720p HD videos with stereo sound and instantly play them back on a HDTV using the HDMI output or save to a disk, flash drive or computer and enjoy over and over. You can also purchase memory cards to store files inside the camera itself. The 3.8x zoom feature and the Hybrid IS system, which compensates for camera or subject movement, make the S95 by Canon an easy selection as a finer thing in life.

Memory Insurance Policy

Minutes, days, months and years fly by so quickly. Don’t let them be forgotten. Take action and make sure the most important times in your life are preserved for future remembrance. Looking at pictures or watching videos with your adult children, dating back to when they were small, fills them with delightful thoughts of their care-free and happy past. We all need to travel from time to time to the moments that were cherished then, and can be cherished again whenever we want. This is indeed a finer slice of life.


Canon PowerShot s95 – The ultra-slim, ultra-intelligent S95 is loaded with all a serious photographer’s must-haves



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