Swing from the Trees – A fine nap in a hammock

One of the finer things in life, we have absolutely no control of. This finer slice is called summer. It arrives and leaves every year like clockwork, providing lots of opportunity for enjoyment during its visit. In other pages of this website we have explored finer things related to outdoor activities, such as grilling on a top quality Weber grill. After the grill chef has thoroughly satisfied hungry stomachs, including his or her own, the chef should be allowed to unwind and relax in finer slice style.

The item that fits the bill in this case is a fine, comfortable hammock swinging in the slight breeze. Now there’s a finer slice of life that is a bit uncommon these days but can provide lifetime enjoyment.

Many of us have childhood memories that originate from our backyard with dad, and a hammock. The hammock is a symbol of relaxation. You’ve surely noticed when you browse travel brochures or vacation advertisements, that many times a hammock is the sight temptation in the promotional photo. A top quality choice for this finer slice category is the Cotton Rope Hammock made by Pawleys Island. It is hand-woven (hand-crafting is one of the qualities we seek at FinerSliceofLife.com) and provides the comfort of cotton, combined with durability that outlasts weather or human abuse. Wooden stretcher bars and zinc-plated hammock hanging hardware make installation easy. You just have to provide the setting.

Cohabitating with nature is absolutely a finer thing in life. The comfort you feel in a hammock while enjoying the gentle sway, is truly a simple and happy experience that easily makes our list of first class delights. If you don’t happen to have a backyard, a hammock can easily be transported to a park, hiking trail or the mountain woods that you normally travel to. Think about snuggling with your partner or pointing out cosmic objects in the night sky to your children. Activities such as these while lying in a hammock are unforgettable.

There’s the possibility that your hammock will survive decades, depending on the amount of use, but the memories created in that hammock are guaranteed to last a lifetime. FinerSliceofLife.com attempts to resurrect some of life’s forgotten and simpler pleasures from our past. Feel free to provide us with some of your fondest memories on the request page

The Original Pawleys Island Cotton Rope Hammock Presidential Edition

Made for two or more with a bed a full 10 inches wider than that of the Large Rope Hammock, the King Size Rope Hammock from Pawleys Island is a continuous woven bed of 100% 3-ply cotton rope.

New Wood Wooden Arc Hammock Stand & Hammock

For cases where two oak trees aren’t available, this hammock stand and hammock are the perfect substitute


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