Sabon NYC – Make a change and opt for the best body scrub, bath salt balls, and lotions at Sabon NYC

As you surround yourself with the finer things in life, take a moment to consider what your skin goes through in the course of a day. Skin is the largest organ in the human body and is exposed to elements unlike other major organs. The amount of grime and filthy particles you are bombarded with can harm your skin and contribute to health problems as well. Harsh soaps and inferior lotions that you may be using can also be detrimental to your skin and hamper the function it performs. Not taking care of your skin could be compared to overexerting or abusing your heart and liver. With that in mind, let’s take a trip to New York City.

Proper skin care and maintenance is important, but make sure you use top quality products. If you ever find yourself strolling along Broadway in SoHo, you might notice a not-so-New Yorkish smell around Spring Street. We think the staff of Sabon Cosmetics might leave the front door open on purpose in order to weave their beautifully scented web of attraction. At this point, only one of your senses is in control and you find yourself wafting through the front door. A friendly employee starts washing your hands with something scented like a garden paradise. You are about to learn that a finer thing in life that benefits your skin, can also have other truly amazing qualities.

You can even skip the health advantages and concentrate on the way these lotions, body washes, creams and scrubs feel and smell on your skin. Choices such as jasmine, pomegranate, citrus, lilac and rosemary leave a customer bewildered attempting to decide. The large array of bath oils and soaps, olive oil and glycerin-based, create a smorgasbord of possibilities and selections that will leave your head spinning.

Let’s get back to your health and well-being. Our skin needs and deserves a first class body scrub. The top quality products at Sabon are perfect for this. Not only is the treatment good for your skin, you also feel like a million dollars after a body scrub and gentle application of wonderfully scented oil or lotion. Department store products just aren’t adequate for something as important as you and your finer slice of life. If you are not near Sabon, visit them online at

Besides the body scrub pictured above, below are a few lotions that are certainly a finer thing.

Sabon – Body Lotion – Violet

Sabon’s Body Lotion is light and easily absorbed and perfect for everyday use.


Sabon – Butter Cream – Musk

Sabon’s butter cream contains top quality African Shea butter, Cocoa butter and beeswax for excellent skin rehydration and recovery.


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