Pack Your Bags – A finer duffle bag to pack

When packing his belongings for a weekend trip or a hike to the gym, the finer slice male needs a top quality duffle bag. Don’t be fooled by cheap drawstring bags or plastic zipper bags that will quickly rip or fall apart. You may even be suckered into buying one of those bags with a shoe company logo on the side thinking it has to be good quality. No, those companies manufacture shoes and sportswear, not duffle bags. You’d think that they would offer you a royalty for promoting their product, but they don’t have to.  The finer slice male however, knows better.

Pack your Finer Things in a Finer Product

On another page of the website, we featured first class briefcases that a finer slice businessman proudly carries into the office. The leather briefcases can be purchased on a site called One more mouse click will land you on the Leather Tree duffle bag page. Top quality vaquetta and cowhide leather duffle bags can be found there along with Tuscan Italian leather and fine canvas bags. Choose from a wide selection that will surely fit your needs. Duffle bags with straps or heavy duty zippers are here, wide mouth openings, side pockets, front pockets or inside pockets. You can even choose one that has a zippered pocket inside, especially made for wet gym clothes or towels. All of these bags are well constructed and will last for many years, much longer than the bags bearing the logo of a big name sportswear company.

A Finer Slice is in the Bag

Do yourself a big favor and spend the money needed to acquire top quality products that end up costing you less in the long run. If you invest in a “Just Do It” bag, it might as well read, “Just Do It Again Next Year” on it. These top quality duffle bags from Leather Tree also make excellent gifts for him or her. Giving gifts from our finer slice catalog lets the recipient know just how much they mean to you and you want them to enjoy the finer things in life.

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