Luxury Hotel Pillows – A goose down pillow is finer at home

There are 24 hours in each day. Living the finer slice of life means that all 24 hours are filled with the finer things, even as we sleep. Some folks spend years trying to find a comfortable pillow that offers support, but is also soft and stays cool. Tossing and turning, never reaching that full pillow happiness is a terrible way to spend each night. If you have traveled and had the pleasure of staying the night in a top quality Hilton or Marriott hotel, you probably noticed a quality in the pillows that was lacking at home. These finer hotels go the extra mile in order to satisfy the weary traveler. The pillows they use are first class and very comfortable. Did you know that you can purchase those type pillows for your own home?

Luxury Hotel Pillow Pacific Coast to the Rescue

If you ever had checked the tag on the hotel pillows, there’s a good chance they are part of the Hotel Collection from a company named Pacific Coast. This Cadillac of pillows contains 100% feathers completely surrounded by a separate compartment with 100% duck down. The pillow will pull you in and you won’t want to retreat. A 230 thread count of the finest cotton forms the cover and the pillow is also hypoallergenic. The unique design of the Pacific Coast pillow, combining the feathers with the down, provides more than one level of thick softness and offers healthy, adjustable support. These pillows will supply a finer slice to your sleep comfort.

The “Rest” is up to you

Think of it as a gift for him or her, or more precisely, for both. You shouldn’t have to travel to achieve comfort from a pillow. If the Hotel Collection by Pacific Coast is proper in the finer hotels, then it is more than proper in the finer slice home. Don’t spend any more restless and uncomfortable nights with your head on department store pillows. Now is the time to upgrade your old pillows and realize that the finer slice of life has solutions that cover every minute of every day regardless if you are awake or asleep.

Pacific Coast Double Down Around Pillow – King

This unique design provides two levels of healthy, adjustable support. The cover is 230 thread count cotton. The inner, pillow-shaped chamber contains 100% feather. It is surrounded by 100% duck down.  If it’s good enough for Hilton, it’s good enough for you!


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