LeVain Bakery in NYC – Finer chocolate chip & walnut cookies, cupcakes, cakes and other bakery goods

A store owner can take pride if people are waiting in long lines to purchase their products. Especially in New York City, folks there have multiple sources for locating the finer slice of their desire. A proprietor must also grab the short attention span of a New Yorker as most are heavily involved in their hectic lifestyle. Is it possible that a top quality bakery’s cookies can beat the odds and stake a claim to a busy Big Apple citizen’s sweet tooth and heart? Why yes, it happens everyday at the Upper Westside location of LeVain Bakery.

So Rich and Filling – Save Some for Later

LeVain’s carries a few other baked goods but the folks that are willing to brave the lines are there for one reason – they want the cookies. A bigger dilemma then having to wait your turn in line is deciding which flavor gets the distinction of being one of the finer things in your life. You have your choice of chocolate chip walnut, chocolate-chocolate chip, oatmeal or peanut butter. Regardless of your decision, you will find that paying $4 for a cookie isn’t out of the question and worth every penny.

Levain’s cookies are perfectly baked and equally tantalizing. The outsides have just the right amount of crispness and the inside is richly doughy, soft and delectable. They manage to achieve this top quality perfection on every batch with no burnt cookie results. We can’t imagine why there was never a Seinfeld episode with Jerry and the gang hitting Levains after their soup and salads. This place would be on their finer slice list with no doubt. Yes, we are adding cookies to our list of the first class, finer things in life, and why not?

When in Rome, Do Like the Romans

Same idea holds true in New York or wherever you are. Why hold back and consume something not as enjoyable when the product you really want, and would actually satisfy you is out there? The whole idea of pursuing the finer things in life is to take action and grab the initiative to fulfill your desires. Those people in line at the bakery could easily grab a bargain brand cookie at the grocery store, but they do what is required to achieve genuine satisfaction. Follow their lead. You’ll be glad you did.  BlogCatalog

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