Do it with a Dyson – Dyson DC25 ball and DC35 multi floor digital slim review are a finer way to vacuum

The finer slice home is filled with top quality furnishings in every room. We never dread coming home after a vacation because our house is finely styled in a fashion that is uniquely ours. Our treasures are properly displayed in their rightful places, our draperies are flowing and elegant and top quality hand-made furniture adorns the living room space.

We of course don’t cut corners with our carpeting choices either. Carpeting is not only there to protect floors, it is included in the overall appeal of our room and is also part of our finer things. Maintaining the carpets and properly cleaning them are important factors in both appearance and contributing to the lasting life of the fibers. This job should not be performed by a sub-par vacuum cleaner so never purchase a bargain brand.

Keep Your Eyes on a Dyson

Repeatedly in, we have explained the significance of spending more money for first class products. Performance and long life are worth the extra cash in the long run. The Dyson brand of vacuum cleaners fits this mold and is recommended for the finer slice home. Dyson products produce a very powerful suction that removes dirt all the way to the backing. Cheaper imitators will only eliminate surface dirt. The grit deep down in the fibers that the Dyson will remove and the others don’t, is what will eventually grind away threads and reduce the life of your carpet. This is important because you paid dearly for top quality carpeting and want it to last years. As far as their durability is concerned, you can expect a Dyson to easily last longer than ten years.

Two Dyson Models that are Worth a Look

Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Equipped with Dyson Ball technology, this upright vacuum cleaner sits on a ball for easy twisting and turning around furniture and obstacles–no more missed angles or tiresome back-and-forth vacuuming.



Dyson DC35 Multi-Floor Digital Slim – This slim, cordless model is a proven outstanding Valentines Day gift for her. At least that was the case for me :) .  It works great on hard floors or carpeting and the lithium-ion rechargeable battery allows for cordless ease of movement.



The finer slice home truly needs a fine Dyson vacuum cleaner.

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