Best Luxury Hotel Bath Towels – Wrap yourself in a finer towel

Everybody looks forward to vacations or trips that take us away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. After a long drive we seek some relaxation in a motel at our destination. Our first thought is to jump into a warm, refreshing shower to unwind. When it’s time to get out, we reach for the motel towel realizing that warm and refreshing becomes scratchy and abrasive. Motel towels are hardly more than rough sheets that have no softness or absorbency.

You can’t really fault the motel, if budget motels used first class towels, they would be swept away in suitcases upon check out. It’s one thing to be caught off guard on the road, away from our finer things at home, but if your own bathroom is still equipped with average quality towels, you don’t know what you are missing. The finer slice of life requires soft and plush top quality towels that aren’t purchased at your standard mall store.

A major part of surrounding yourself with finer things is, don’t spare expense or settle for second best. Financially speaking however, a first class Egyptian or Turkish cotton towel has a life expectancy of roughly five years. Once the numbers are crunched, a $50 towel that lasts five years is actually one heck of a bargain. Acquiring and possessing finer things isn’t always going to break your bank.

So what entitles a towel to be called one of the finer things in our lives? It needs to be soft, absorbent, thick and plush. It should also enhance and even exceed the relaxing feeling that the shower just provided. I’ve tried a few sets of towels and landed on the Kassatex brand.  When they are on sales (which they are now) their towels are ~$25-$30 each. Kassatex towels are made from 100% combed, long staple Turkish cotton and actually manufactured in Turkey. Once you wrap a Kassatex towel around you, you will fully understand the definition of luxurious.

For your convienience, here’s a link to Kassatex Luxury Towels on Amazon.  Enjoy!

Kassatex Turkish Cotton Elegance Collection 6-Piece Towel Set

The finer things in life shouldn’t be limited to the areas of our homes that our guests see. Replace your average towels with top quality products that will help inspire you to feel fabulous as you start each day. Most of the finer things we possess are part of our house and not portable, but towels are an exception. As you pack for your next road trip, remember to bring this finer slice of life along with you.

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