Electric Towel Warmers – a warm radiator way to fine bathroom towel rail

We previously concluded that having top quality Turkish cotton towels in our bathrooms is an important ingredient for enjoying the finer things in life. It is hard to imagine any thing better than wrapping ourselves in one of these soft and plush items as we exit the shower. Living in a finer slice of life world however, imagination will always provide improvements to that which we already take delight in. We need a solution for the times that we reach for our fine towel but it is cold or still damp from the previous use. Are there other finer slice products that can help in this circumstance?

Let’s begin by studying an informal analysis that lists in order which type of towel provides the ideal climax to a soothing shower.  Let’s evaluate the potential scale of towel experiences:

  1. Cheap motel towels that itch and scratch with zero absorbency…
  2. The mid-tier, average quality, “everyday” towels that most households use…
  3. The plush, top quality Turkish cotton towels already in our finer things collection…
  4. Our plush finer slice towels, comfortably toasty, plucked from a Towel Warmer!!!

The results speak for themselves. A towel warmer is essential to the finer slice of life existence.

Aside from the obvious result of adding warmth to our already first class towels, the towel warmer provides another benefit. The product actually warms a standard sized bathroom. Finer slice of life suggests adding a timer to the warmer, turning the product on about an hour before your clock alarm is set to wake you. Stepping out from under the covers into your warm bathroom adds a positively delightful element to the morning routine. Top that off with the warm towel upon exiting the shower and your day could not begin any better.

The finer things in life are sometimes obvious, and other times require some imagination. Take the initiative and browse some towel warmers for your home. Too often our first thought is that we don’t really need a particular item. How can we understand what we have been missing if we don’t expose ourselves to top quality products? The simple addition of a towel warmer can enhance a new dimension in life that you never knew existed. A finer slice of life awaits you.

Below are a few selection of some of our top rated towel warmers:

Warmrails Large Wall Mounted Towel Warmer (~$200)

The Kensington is a wall mount towel warmer large enough for the entire family.



Warmrails Mid-Size Wall Mounted Towel Warmer (~$150)

The Regent is a mid size wall mount towel warmer perfect for his and her towels.


Warmrails Free-Standing Towel Warmer (~$125)

This perfect free-standing towel warmer is a great introduction to any family looking to introduce a towel warmer into the home.



Westinghouse Digital Indoor Timer (~$15)

The Westinghouse Digital Timer is perfect for ensuring you wake up to a toasty bathroom and towel.  A MUST for a finer towel warmer.

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