Custom Made – The finer things are custom made dress shirts and tailored and bespoke suits

The finer things in life are made to fit our lifestyle. The most important word in that statement is “fit”. If something doesn’t fit, it shouldn’t be tolerated. The word “fit” is common in expressions; a good fit, a tight fit, a perfect fit and the ever popular – it doesn’t fit. The best example is buying clothes off of a rack in a department store. Many times we buy on impulse without even trying the purchases on. The undesirable outcome leaves us with sleeves too short, lumps and creases or just an overall appearance of poor tailoring. The finer slice of life has a solution for this type of predicament.

Buying something custom made is akin to an insurance policy or a guarantee. It promises top quality and a first class perfect fit. Measurements must be taken before the actual process of manufacturing has begun. The easiest example to discuss is clothes, but custom made can include almost everything around us and in our homes. There can be no argument to the fact that getting something right the first time is much easier than the hassle involved replacing or correcting it. Buying custom made items puts your mind at ease and fills your life with possessions that are the “perfect fit”.

It can be broken down to one of the simplest and most famous ad campaigns in history. If a copywriter for Burger King didn’t beat us to it, Finer Slice of Life would use the slogan: “Have it Your Way”. The fast-food chain customizes your food order to however you want it prepared. If we have that option for our meals, why shouldn’t it carry over into all of the other aspects of our lives?

Pretty much all everyday items can be ordered in a custom variety including furniture, jewelry, bookcases, hand-bags, watches, and of course, suits, shirts & shoes. A true finer slice of life adventurer can take it to the extreme by ordering a custom made car, motorcycle or even a custom made house.  Think twice the next time you “buy off the rack” and consider if custom should be an option.

Anything you own is a direct reflection of who you are and how you live your life. No stone should be left unturned in the quest for material items and finer things that provide the perfect fit for you and represent what you aspire to portray.

Purchase custom made products and personalize them “your way”.

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