It’s a Holiday – Get back to sleep, today is a fine no-work day

I am sure that this finer slice of life has happened to all of us. You wake up at your normal workday time, rub your eyes and stretch, throw your legs over the edge of the bed allowing your feet to contact the floor and then stop cold. The realization enters your awakening mind that today is a holiday. Some of us have even made it through the showering stage before it hits us. No matter when the epiphany strikes, the feeling of climbing back into bed, hugging the pillow and departing back to dreamland is by far one of the finer things in life. Escaping the hustle and bustle of the average work commute and the daily grind is the equivalent of a birthday and Christmas present rolled into one. Enjoy your gift and crawl back between the sheets with a huge smile on your face. One of the finer things in life is simple freedom.

A Slice within a Slice

Let’s make this a two-for-one page. Another finer slice of life was enacted by congress in June of 1968. It provided the yearly observances of certain federal holidays on Mondays. It allows family and friends that are separated by distance the opportunity to travel and celebrate the observance together. It also provides time for pilgrimages to historical sites connected with the holiday. Regardless of the reasoning, we all would rather have a three day weekend to enjoy, as opposed to having one day off in the middle of a work week. Waking up and realizing you have the day off and Monday holidays in general are both finer things in life.

Don’t Stay in Bed the Whole Day

Sure, the first course of action when it hits you that it’s a holiday is to go back to sleep. But don’t waste the entire day. Get up after a couple of extra hours of sleep, grab the kids and the dog and go to a park. Maybe throw the golf clubs in the car and shoot nine holes. Jog or ride bicycles. Find a way to enjoy this gift of time and spend it with loved ones. Also make sure that you include the observance, whether it is honoring veterans, remembering those who lost their lives for our freedom or giving thanks for what surrounds and fills our lives.


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A finer paper towel brand review – the finer feel of Viva paper towels

You probably didn’t even notice the two choices at the very bottom of your election ballot. After you passed the presidential nominees, Senators, Governors and Congressmen, there it was. We were asked to vote for Viva or Bounty. Forget the budget, foreign policy and unemployment. We all just want to know which brand is the best paper towel on the planet. Alright, it wasn’t really on the ballot but when dealing with the finest, top quality products available, paper towels should not be excluded. Using our own personal experience and the powers vested in us to uncover the finest things in life, this website proudly salutes Viva and welcomes the paper towel brand to our list of the finest, first class products available.

People Who Live in Glass Houses Use Viva

On this website we have explored the finest, most luxurious cotton bath towels available. The absolute best products to wrap yourself in as you exit the shower. While Viva paper towels are neither made from cotton nor luxurious, the bottom line is that they get the job done like no other brand on the market. Strong and absorbent-even when wet is a marketing motto that Viva lives up to. How many paper towel brands do you know of that allow you to use them once, let dry and use them again? There is something about the amount of fibers in the manufacturing of these towels that make this possible. I guess it could be compared to the thread count of fine bed sheets which we have also covered on this website. Viva is the best paper towel you can purchase and stands up to any mess you throw at it.

Viva should be Called Paper Cloths

The softness of Viva does feel more like cloth than paper but don’t let the softness fool you. They are as tough as they are soft. Admittedly, this product doesn’t fall under our usual guidelines of the finest jewelry, furniture, clothing, etc. But we do feel that it warrants a mention and a page on this website. It does fit the bill as a product that performs better and lasts longer than a cheaper bargain brand. If you haven’t tried Viva then do an experiment. Next time try Viva instead of the generic alternative and experience the difference for yourself.

Viva Giant Roll Paper Towels 12 Count (Pack of 2) – Strong and absorbent, clean and simple, classic VIVA white paper towels.



Viva Regular Roll Paper Towels 6 Count – If your hesitant to make a large commitment, give this smaller pack a try.

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Fine style – The perfect old-school barbershop with a new world feel

There was a time in this country when you could find in many blocks of every city the familiar, spinning, red and white stripes of the tubular-shaped fixture in front of a good old fashioned barbershop. Receiving a haircut and perhaps a shave back then wasn’t something that was rushed and impersonal. These days the old barbershop landscape has been replaced by corporation managed shops like Hair Cuttery and Great Clips. The majority of us rush in and out of these shops without even catching the name of our stylist. Sometimes the finest things in life are the most plain and simplest experiences, rooted from forgotten years gone by. Enjoying a haircut, shave and the laid-back camaraderie at an old- world style barbershop, easily makes our list of the finer slices of life.

Discussions Welcome

Yes, any topic of discussion is allowed at the barbershop as long as it can be tied somehow to sports. Living in New York offers advantages not found everywhere in the U.S. and many pages on this website refer to Big Apple establishments. If you live in the metropolis or are just visiting, make sure you swing by the West Village and find Geno’s Barberia on Greenwich Avenue. Here you will uncover a clash of old-world style with a modern flair. Just tell one of the skilled barbers how you want your cut, relax in an oversized, recliner type barber chair and join in the spirited conversation with your fellow males as you all enjoy bonding time that is too rare these days.

Did We Mention the Hot Shave Cream?

There is nothing more soothing than that hot lather on your face and neck. This process is part of the total experience of the barbershop. You can also find the Art of Shaving page on this website for achieving the finest shaving experience possible in your own bathroom.

We Apologize Ladies

This finer slice happens to be for us guys. We do however encourage any of our female fans to click on the “Suggest” page and tell us about your favorite beauty shop or hair salon. We would love to hear from you. Also if you are looking for a great gift for him, perhaps do some research and find your special male an old school barbershop near him. Give him a finer slice of life experience.

If you venture into Geno’s, please tell them James sent you.  I personally have NJ cut my hair but any of the top tier barbers will suit your needs.

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A Fine Set of Shoes – Allen Edmonds mens formal shoes

Top quality apparel at the workplace is a must for the finer slice male. Style and sophistication are very important factors that set one man apart from the others. The proper attire will gain respect and help to close deals or achieve positive results in any business venture. Adequate footwear cannot be ignored. In the quest to keep your wardrobe at its peak, why would anyone settle for less? We have all heard the saying: “shoes make the man” and another that states that ladies judge a man by the shoes he wears. Both statements are accurate and in the past we have all made the mistake of sacrificing quality for cost. Shoes are not a good place to make a bad decision.

A Finer Step for the Finer Male

One of the best pieces of advice that I ever took to heart was having a look at the quality shoes made by Allen Edmonds. In particular, I am very pleased with Allen Edmonds Men’s Kenilworth Lace-Up. The excellent reviews echo my feelings and put this first class footwear on our list of the finer things in life. Allen Edmonds offers the finest American made quality shoes you can find on the market. The leather is top quality and the designs are timeless, yet modern. We always stress the importance of purchasing products that will last a very long time, if not a lifetime. Couple the Allen Edmonds shoes, with the care package described on our page about locating a fine Cobbler, and you are well on your way in discovering the advantages that go along with purchasing finer products.

Walk that Walk and Talk that Talk

Shoe stores in malls and big-box stores offer convenience to the general public. A main problem there however, is that it literally doesn’t fit. Have you noticed that they must think we all have the same width feet? If you shop at these stores, what you grab off of the shelf normally only states the size by length. The selections from Allen Edmonds are generally available in width sizes from A to EEE. The width is just as important as the length in achieving a comfortable and healthy fit. Don’t ignore quality even when it comes to footwear. Enjoy a finer slice of life in a finer pair of shoes.

Allen Edmonds Men’s Kenilworth Lace-Up - A shoe that is at once aesthetically pleasing while also being inherently straightforward. Impressive in its stunning lack of adornment, this three-eyelet plain-toe blucher with a single oak leather sole is the essence of refinement.

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Finer Fish – Sampling Russian Caviar

As you browse the pages of this website you will see that some of the best food items to ever cross your taste buds can be found in New York City. We have taken you to Peter Luger’s Steakhouse and described his tantalizing Porterhouse, visited Ed’s in SoHo for tasty crab dishes and introduced you to Levain’s Bakery where you can find some of the best cookies on the planet. The Big Apple provides access to just about anything your heart desires. One delicacy in particular however, can only be harvested half a world away. No list of the finer things in life could possibly leave out the most coveted dish on the planet. We are talking about top quality, fine Russian caviar. It is as much an experience as it is a food product.

Which Came First, the Fish or the Egg?

I admit that you caught us red-handed. We stress that you should make smart purchases, first class products that can last a lifetime. There is no doubt a two oz. tin of fine caviar is not going to last very long at all, but the experience itself will linger. Yes, the price is indeed rather high. America itself produces about 60,000 lbs. of sturgeon caviar per year. The market price is generally around $400 per pound. By comparison, true Russian caviar from the Caspian Sea region can cost over $2,000 per pound. As you can see, true Russian caviar, especially the type plucked from the limited supply of beluga sturgeon, easily makes the list as one of the finest and rarest slices of life.

Why So Expensive?

The first reason for the high cost is the exceedingly dwindling supply, and secondly, the involved process of retrieving the eggs. In the past few years, dams that hinder fish migration and pollution in Russian rivers has taken a toll on the population of sturgeon. As far as the process of gathering the roe is concerned, Russian scientists actually sedate pregnant sturgeon, gently massage the eggs out of them and then return the fish to the water.

Even if you only experience caviar once in your life, it is worth the price to enjoy the slight sweetness, the aftertaste and the elegance of this truly one of a kind dish. Give yourself a treat and savor this finer slice of life.

Russian Caviar Sampler Gift Basket – Each caviar gift basket from Caviar Express is individually designed in order to create a truly unforgettable experience.



Mother of Pearl Caviar SpoonHand carved Mother of Pearl spoons are the traditional accoutrements used to serve caviar. Mother of Pearl is essential for serving caviar because it does not affect the caviar s fragile flavor. Any other type of tableware would alter the taste of caviar and distract from its natural flavor.

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